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London Cyclist26,42315,3100
The Foot Down1,8114,6770
London Cycle Chic4,5172,5760
Cycling Shorts2,6441,9390
I Bike London931,5750
Gordon Valentine1,8221,5362,663
The Discerning Cyclist4,7431,1690
Cycling Europe23,4431,06290
Fat Cycle Rider929350309
The Inner Ring73,00900
Cyclists in the City25,11600
The Washing Machine Post2,61700
Buffalo Bill's Bike Blog2,22300
2Wheel Chick54200
Matt's Bike Blog000
Cambridge Cyclist000
As Easy as Riding a Bike10,60700
Two Wheels Good6,17500
The Mind of a Helmet Camera Cyclist3,98305,006
Travels with my Mule5300
Live Cycle000
Frank Kinlan23300
The Cycling Lawyer000
Croydon Cyclist4,379016,212
Cycling in Heels000
Cycling Uphill000
60 Miles to Nod000
Adventures of Trio000
Purple Traveller000
Life In The Saddle4,35800
Cycle of Addiction000
Dr Rachel Aldred8,20500
Race Pace000
eBike News000
eBike News000