Top 100 UK Facebook Influencers

These are our Top 100 Facebook influencers in the UK, based on fan counts. Social Reach shows the total number of fans and followers each influencer has across all of their social channels.

Follower counts are updated monthly, so may be slightly different to live figures.

# Name/Title Facebook Fans Social Reach Categories
1 Car Throttle 5,827,08510,414,606auto
2 Joe Wicks 3,966,67610,822,605health
3 The Nailasaurus 3,060,4443,506,886beauty
4 Tim Burton - Shmee150 2,548,6516,278,620auto
5 Red Ted Art 2,454,7603,761,014parenting, craft
6 Louise Pentland 900,6137,792,642beauty, parenting, lifestyle
7 Tanya Burr 699,3249,888,449beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
8 Female Entrepreneur Association 677,072860,714small business
9 Fashion Beans 673,996886,336male fashion
10 The Petite Cook 670,003703,609food
11 Harniman Photography 625,000656,237photo
12 Love My Dress 551,100869,694weddings
13 Rock My Wedding 458,6921,094,362weddings
14 Giovanna Fletcher 378,1152,284,902parenting, lifestyle
15 Deliciously Ella 325,5333,232,741food
16 Helen Anderson 287,9571,297,656beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
17 Iced Jems 280,047288,790food
18 Dina Tokio 279,5092,454,731lifestyle, womens fashion
19 A Luxury Travel Blog 267,649299,205travel
20 Jonathan Saccone Joly 267,0493,769,868parenting
21 Take a Better Photo 260,771727,184photo
22 Chicken Connoisseur 243,4401,229,225food, lifestyle, male fashion
23 Rock n Roll Bride 238,936334,083weddings
24 Mrwhosetheboss 237,9616,719,325tech
25 Expert Photography 231,332341,369photo
26 Paul Wallace - Supercars of London 224,6711,988,932auto
27 Money Saving Central 215,852222,535finance
28 Hand Luggage Only 191,392738,766travel
29 Hitched 183,966214,724weddings
30 PistonAddictz 162,476826,898auto
31 CC Clarke 160,0002,551,161beauty, lifestyle
32 Eats Amazing 158,573249,055food
33 The Anna Edit 152,1221,287,491beauty, lifestyle
34 Gemma Atkinson 130,7161,941,189health
35 Monky London 124,222509,848auto
36 Richard Peters Photography Blog 124,027132,730photo
37 Menswear Style 122,668311,089male fashion
38 Glam and Glitter 122,3781,284,811womens fashion, beauty
39 Fleur De Force 121,6102,611,910beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
40 James Haskell 120,969825,411health
41 Carfection 119,4711,019,380auto
42 Skint Dad 118,738155,036finance, parenting
43 The Lean Machines 117,911702,284health
44 Kaushal Modha 90,9663,334,631beauty, lifestyle
45 Tahnée Seagrave 86,753424,189cycling
46 Alice Liveing 84,412824,689womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health
47 FaceHunter 83,881387,814travel
48 Jamie Genevieve 79,6442,706,884beauty
49 Style Bubble 77,330820,138womens fashion
50 SuperSaf 74,2112,258,433tech
51 Yianni Charalambous 73,0003,036,188auto
52 Hungry Healthy Happy 72,216183,315food
53 Seen Through Glass 67,353923,091auto
54 Global Grasshopper 57,686102,741travel
55 Daniel Lloyd 55,904253,518cycling
56 Saffron Barker 54,2354,862,748womens fashion, lifestyle
57 Mr JWW 51,352998,556auto
58 Gaz Oakley 50,8561,733,327food
59 Recipes from a Normal Mum 43,92480,931parenting
60 A Mummy Too 42,561121,614parenting, food
61 Lizzie Deignan 40,773262,689cycling
62 Niomi Smart 39,4424,462,269womens fashion, health, beauty, lifestyle
63 Brides Up North 38,67091,022weddings
64 Mum in the Madhouse 36,352123,214parenting, craft, food
65 Honest Mum 35,360179,340parenting
66 Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 35,314219,081weddings
67 In the Frow 34,9871,759,295womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
68 Asian Wedding Ideas 33,59840,366weddings
69 Kai W 32,6921,200,738photo, tech
70 Charlotte's Lively Kitchen 31,96465,380food
71 Julia's Fitness Blog 30,260112,877health
72 Thomas Heaton 29,211685,262photo
73 Geeky Gadgets 29,19851,614tech
74 Fifi Lapin 28,89773,611womens fashion
75 The Daily Street 28,79550,070male fashion, lifestyle
76 The Curry Guy 28,452126,094food
77 Boho Weddings 28,073119,448weddings
78 Fitness on Toast 27,695182,737health, lifestyle
79 Dr Hazel Wallace 27,016557,666health
80 ePHOTOzine 26,72136,519photo
81 The Fat Girls' Guide to Running 26,09535,589health
82 A Model Recommends 25,360607,947womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
83 RANA 25,320520,851auto
84 Carly Rowena 24,116663,293health, lifestyle
85 Wish Wish Wish 23,966210,949womens fashion, lifestyle
86 Easy Cheesy Vegetarian 23,248385,325food
87 The Wedding Hour 22,47486,902weddings
88 British Beauty Blogger 21,081123,814beauty
89 Mrs O Around the World 20,86168,815travel, lifestyle
90 Wedding Sparrow 18,958587,549weddings
91 Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary 18,53591,725food
92 Fashion Foie Gras 18,3631,164,045womens fashion, lifestyle
93 Horsepower Hunters 18,330335,516photo, auto
94 Pootles Papercraft 17,700145,962craft
95 5 inch and up 17,20934,805womens fashion
96 What Olivia Did 16,959329,595womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
97 Ape to Gentleman 16,78264,748male fashion, lifestyle
98 The Travel Hack 16,48876,701travel, parenting
99 Lydia Elise Millen 16,014139,638womens fashion, lifestyle
100 Lydia Elise Millen 16,0141,865,389beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion