Top 100 UK Instagram Influencers

These are the Top 100 Instagrammers in the UK, based on follower numbers. Social Reach shows the total number of fans and followers each influencer has across all of their social channels.

Follower counts are updated monthly, so may be slightly different to live figures.

# Name/Title Instagram Followers Social Reach Categories
1 Joe Wicks 3,905,36910,953,105health
2 Tanya Burr 3,017,4799,856,045beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
3 Louise Pentland 2,526,1077,784,081beauty, parenting, lifestyle
4 CC Clarke 2,087,5402,545,968beauty, lifestyle
5 Deliciously Ella 2,010,0363,263,406food
6 Thuy Le 1,949,4912,412,093beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
7 Saffron Barker 1,784,9744,881,587womens fashion, lifestyle
8 Lucy Mecklenburgh 1,736,1293,219,036health
9 Car Throttle 1,636,40610,439,113auto
10 Ling KT 1,582,4061,891,406beauty
11 Tim Burton - Shmee150 1,554,6456,334,375auto
12 Gemma Atkinson 1,541,6711,948,721health
13 Sherlina Nym 1,522,6271,899,477womens fashion, lifestyle
14 Niomi Smart 1,497,8994,451,242womens fashion, health, beauty, lifestyle
15 Giovanna Fletcher 1,474,2112,368,867parenting, lifestyle
16 Jamie Genevieve 1,436,9912,739,656beauty
17 Dina Tokio 1,292,6912,446,257lifestyle, womens fashion
18 Patricia Bright 1,270,2414,353,864beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
19 Yianni Charalambous 1,246,4843,177,497auto
20 Zoe Sugg 1,168,6016,168,561womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
21 Lorna Luxe 1,162,1551,162,155womens fashion
22 Jacob Riglin 1,080,9121,089,393photo, auto
23 Grace Beverley 1,054,6271,750,490health, lifestyle
24 Anastasia Kingsnorth 988,9222,537,939beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
25 Jonathan Saccone Joly 988,6503,745,717parenting
26 Kaushal Modha 966,0223,373,407beauty, lifestyle
27 Sam & Nic Chapman 942,7533,052,753beauty
28 Lydia Elise Millen 940,4141,918,174beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
29 Glam and Glitter 934,1571,333,287womens fashion, beauty
30 Paul Wallace - Supercars of London 919,5252,002,894auto
31 In the Frow 903,2761,766,040womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
32 Chessie King 827,424827,424health
33 Mrwhosetheboss 804,7357,710,222tech
34 Fleur De Force 768,1512,599,821beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
35 Emma Hill 714,945991,277lifestyle, womens fashion
36 Estée Lalonde 714,0432,181,780beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
37 Alice Liveing 682,920825,351womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health
38 Usmaan Malik 665,253665,253auto
39 PistonAddictz 660,908822,853auto
40 Lord Aleem 628,6571,099,306auto
41 Family Fizz 581,0232,931,023parenting
42 Caroline Hirons 551,796667,518beauty
43 Lizzy Hadfield 545,678709,742womens fashion
44 Gaz Oakley 535,6011,795,760food
45 Jordan Lipscombe 528,3462,464,712beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
46 Holly Boon 526,2031,244,203beauty, womens fashion
47 Sammi Maria 519,6832,507,260beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
48 James Haskell 509,540828,361health
49 Amelia Liana 503,8611,118,560womens fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty
50 Style Bubble 500,515821,302womens fashion
51 Dr Hazel Wallace 491,817560,634health
52 The Anna Edit 470,3491,288,811beauty, lifestyle
53 RANA 441,866544,312auto
54 Lily Pebbles 435,5101,159,005beauty, lifestyle, parenting
55 Mat Watson 384,570883,156auto
56 SuperSaf 379,2382,363,231tech
57 Tahnée Seagrave 340,443447,916cycling
58 Mr JWW 338,0671,014,188auto
59 Zanna van Dijk 330,225456,351health
60 Wedding Sparrow 321,498589,949weddings
61 Horsepower Hunters 318,818339,974photo, auto
62 Sean Tucker 317,135772,062photo
63 Helen Anderson 314,3761,296,614beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
64 Seen Through Glass 309,362928,226auto
65 Raziz Roken Rehan 308,049543,008auto
66 Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley 303,373303,373food
67 Rachel Atherton 299,163379,765cycling
68 Ghost Parties 279,671833,093beauty, lifestyle
69 Rebel Recipes 273,324306,363food
70 Couture Girl 244,338273,548womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
71 Shantania Beckford 244,182568,465beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
72 Steph Elswood 241,892289,309health, food
73 FaceHunter 231,718386,596travel
74 Clerkenwell Boy 229,125229,125food
75 Thomas Heaton 222,624698,443photo
76 Steve Booker 221,385524,117male fashion
77 Georgia Rankin 216,904941,583beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
78 Kai W 207,8281,207,659photo, tech
79 A Model Recommends 194,607609,063womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
80 I Covet Thee 188,462699,917womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
81 What Olivia Did 188,259330,786womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
82 icykof - Kofi McCalla 176,827852,827male fashion, womens fashion
83 Carly Rowena 168,268663,951health, lifestyle
84 Wish Wish Wish 161,243212,792womens fashion, lifestyle
85 Fashion Beans 160,302884,759male fashion
86 A Lady in London 159,400247,632travel
87 Ellie Hoad 156,856158,036health
88 Mathias le Fèvre 153,889165,574male fashion
89 etc Lily Melrose 141,261327,261womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle
90 The Little Magpie 140,391177,630womens fashion, lifestyle
91 Festival Brides 137,441242,583weddings
92 Chris Baber 135,423135,423food
93 Chicken Connoisseur 134,1501,183,002food, lifestyle, male fashion
94 A Fashion Fix 130,948132,749womens fashion, beauty
95 Emily Norris 130,024770,865parenting, lifestyle
96 Fitness on Toast 130,020182,261health, lifestyle
97 Female Entrepreneur Association 129,542866,689small business
98 GarconJon 126,462481,519male fashion
99 Kate Murnane 125,314521,313beauty
100 Melanie Murphy 124,679893,804beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion