Top 100 UK Pinterest Influencers

These are our Top 100 Pinterest accounts in the UK, based on follower numbers. Social Reach shows the total number of fans and followers each influencer has across all of their social channels.

Follower counts are updated monthly, so may be slightly different to live figures.

# Name/Title Pinterest Followers Social Reach Categories
1 Gemma Etc 1,389,2231,433,758beauty
2 DisneyRollerGirl 1,038,7191,074,792womens fashion
3 MademoiselleRobot 1,002,5571,068,713womens fashion, lifestyle
4 Fashion Foie Gras 995,9671,164,936womens fashion, lifestyle
5 Temporary Secretary 879,003911,569womens fashion, lifestyle
6 Jennifer's Little World 711,042717,889parenting, craft, travel
7 Lynsay Loves 579,931598,137womens fashion, lifestyle
8 Rock My Wedding 569,8791,095,154weddings
9 Coco's Tea Party 528,164595,790womens fashion, lifestyle
10 Red Ted Art 525,7643,781,140parenting, craft
11 Forever Amber 513,527543,953parenting, lifestyle
12 Deliciously Ella 444,0153,263,406food
13 Hand Luggage Only 409,570746,687travel
14 Buckets and Spades 392,490461,085male fashion, lifestyle, food
15 Tinned Tomatoes 365,256400,906food
16 Europe a la Carte 349,927358,584travel
17 Easy Cheesy Vegetarian 348,806385,269food
18 Hayley Hall 341,679424,308beauty
19 The Nailasaurus 334,7633,498,787beauty
20 GarconJon 333,500481,519male fashion
21 It's A Danielle Life 325,985354,389womens fashion, lifestyle, food
22 The Quirky Traveller 316,007337,956travel
23 Ren Behan 315,883326,210food
24 Ghost Parties 313,455833,093beauty, lifestyle
25 I Want You To Know 275,813331,566womens fashion, lifestyle
26 Love My Dress 264,471870,076weddings
27 London Unattached 251,682315,890food, lifestyle, travel
28 The Ana Mum Diary 251,399260,476parenting, lifestyle, travel
29 Wedding Sparrow 225,224589,932weddings
30 Tigerlilly Quinn 216,776283,789parenting, food, lifestyle
31 The Natural Wedding Company 182,768194,093weddings
32 The Purple Pumpkin Blog 163,757175,604food, craft
33 Estée Lalonde 102,0202,181,780beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
34 Give Recipe 89,040503,605food
35 Casa Costello 84,57594,027food
36 Festival Brides 80,662242,583weddings
37 Louise Pentland 78,4457,784,081beauty, parenting, lifestyle
38 Tanya Burr 71,7569,856,045beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
39 Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 69,659221,515weddings
40 Expert Photography 61,984346,903photo
41 Menswear Style 58,887311,446male fashion
42 Mum in the Madhouse 58,242124,339parenting, craft, food
43 Want That Wedding 56,55997,433weddings
44 A Little Obsessed 54,707112,391beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
45 Rock n Roll Bride 47,295334,125weddings
46 Supergoldenbakes 46,99985,825food
47 Honest Mum 43,179179,734parenting
48 Eats Amazing 42,507249,760food
49 A Lady in London 42,190247,632travel
50 Hello October 41,309480,424beauty
51 Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary 36,249100,581food
52 Hungry Healthy Happy 36,121183,079food
53 Fleur De Force 35,2872,599,821beauty, lifestyle, womens fashion
54 Raspberry Kiss 33,17650,103beauty, food, lifestyle
55 Pootles Papercraft 30,435147,359craft
56 b.loved 29,37992,215weddings
57 Fuss Free Flavours 27,665105,090food
58 Diary of a Frugal Family 26,63049,035parenting, personal finance
59 The Lovecats Inc 24,74367,517womens fashion, lifestyle
60 Inside the Travel Lab 23,07362,295travel
61 Skint Dad 22,226155,251finance, parenting
62 BakingQueen74 22,13141,460food
63 Stressy Mummy 21,95236,777parenting, lifestyle
64 Through Chelsea's Eyes 19,89440,803beauty, lifestyle
65 Rebel Recipes 19,175306,363food
66 Charlotte's Lively Kitchen 19,01765,959food
67 Lavender and Lovage 17,86452,409food, travel
68 Caroline Hirons 17,681667,518beauty
69 Gentleman Crafter 16,83742,473craft
70 You Could Travel 15,76295,703travel
71 Makeup Savvy 15,25228,031beauty
72 The Anna Edit 14,5521,288,811beauty, lifestyle
73 Fab Food 4 All 14,54149,834food
74 The Money Fox 13,88247,314finance
75 Michael 84 13,74420,270male fashion
76 Romanian Mum 12,66020,462parenting
77 Daisies and Pie 12,33729,728food
78 Tin and Thyme 12,25130,718food
79 Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary 11,90046,525food, travel
80 MediaMarmalade 11,86833,532womens fashion, lifestyle
81 The Petite Cook 11,677703,424food
82 Side Street Style 11,57147,131parenting, lifestyle
83 Money Nuggets 11,10919,183finance
84 British Beauty Blogger 10,576123,693beauty
85 Em Sheldon 10,512252,476womens fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health
86 A Luxury Travel Blog 10,242298,248travel
87 Brides Up North 9,99391,727weddings
88 Kim Dellow 9,96715,980craft
89 Emma Drew 9,66872,840finance
90 Fifi Lapin 9,45373,415womens fashion
91 The English Wedding Blog 9,16756,976weddings
92 Bald Hiker 8,476704,728travel, food
93 ZingZingTree 8,33915,935craft, parenting
94 Yellow Days 7,82718,685parenting, travel
95 The Boy and Me 7,78410,849parenting
96 Monkey and Mouse 7,26683,194parenting, craft, travel
97 Cooksister 7,20824,904food, travel
98 Global Grasshopper 7,202102,351travel
99 Chelsea Mamma 7,04041,856parenting, lifestyle, travel
100 La Petite Anglaise 6,94967,066womens fashion