Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

We started life as a directory of popular UK blogs across different subject categories, but now we include influencers from all the major social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We noticed that a lot of the influencer lists found on the web are often out of date, or there’s no indication of why the people on the list are considered to be influential. We solve that problem simply:

  1. Our influencer lists are ordered by the size of their social media audiences. For each influencer, we combine their total number of fans and followers across all of their active social channels, and call that number their “Social Reach” to give you a clear idea of their overall popularity.

  2. We update the influencer’s fan and follower counts every month – so our lists are never out of date, because the most popular influencers always rise to the top. Each profile page has a date showing you when it was last updated, so you’ll know how recent the data is.

  3. We’re constantly adding new influencers as they appear.
Can you put me in touch with an influencer?

No – we do not work with any of the influencers listed here, we simply gather information about them into a single place to make it easy for you to find them. If an influencer has a blog or website with a contact page, we link directly to that on their profile, so it’s simple for you to contact to them directly.

Why don’t you include blog traffic data?

We can only include publicly available data, like Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers. Website traffic data is private, and few bloggers share it publicly, so we are unable to include it. Instead, we provide links for each blogger to their site's profile on and – these services provide estimated traffic and other data for websites.

Do influencers pay to be listed on this site?

No. Our site is entirely free for influencers and users, and we are supported by advertising.

How do influencers get listed on this site?

We research each topic and hand-pick influencers to include. You can submit an influencer via the contact page – be sure to include links to all of their social profiles (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blog).

I am an influencer and I want to change the information on my profile page

Please send us a message through the contact page and we’ll update your details.