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Turn WordPress Posts Into Twitter Threads

Bloggers who use WordPress (which is pretty much all bloggers) can now easily turn their blog posts into Twitter threads at the click of a button thanks to a new feature in the popular JetPack plugin.

An announcement on the WordPress blog explains in detail how you can set this up, but it’s a fairly straight forward process. The question is, why would you want to do this?

It’s an easy way of increasing your reach and engagement, by pushing the same content out across multiple platforms – there’s a good chance that people will read a Twitter thread who might not otherwise have bothered visiting your blog to read the post. Good content is more likely to get shared around on Twitter when people can read it right there in the app, rather than having to follow a link, so it’s easy to see how this can help you get in front of more eyeballs.

On the other hand, Twitter wasn’t really created for long-form content, so we don’t recommend abusing this tool for every single post you write, otherwise your timeline will become a mess of endless Twitter threads and you’re likely to lose followers. So use with caution.


Teens ditching on Instagram for TikTok and Snapchat

Instagram might still be the number one platform for social media influencers to build their profiles, but that could be changing according to the latest research on teenagers’ preferences.

A respected twice-yearly survey of 10,000 American teenagers’ opinions, Piper Sandler’s ‘Taking Stock With Teens’ report, found in its latest release that both Snapchat and TikTok are now more popular with teens that Instagram.

Source: Piper Sandler – check out the full infographic here.

It’s probably way too early to read much into this, as in terms of sheer size of audience Instagram is still very much ahead with over a billion active users, compared to 800million for TikTok and 238million for Snapchat.

Influencers would be crazy to consider abandoning Instagram as an audience building platform, but at the same time TikTok is certainly gaining ground. Insta isn’t going away any time soon, but let’s not forget that Facebook was once the cool kid on the block, and now it’s just where your grandad posts racist memes.

Nothing is forever in social media.