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How Influencers Can Earn Money With Virtual Events

If you’ve built a large audience for your blog or other social channels, you’re probably always thinking of new ways you can use that reach to earn a living. One of the interesting new opportunities thrown up by 2020’s lockdown is online events, and now it’s easier than ever to make money with them.

Physical events can be expensive and logistically difficult to organise, and since the pandemic began it’s all but impossible to convince people to attend them. The professional events industry has pivoted to online, and as a result of this more people are comfortable with the idea of attending, and possibly even paying for, virtual events.

So there’s a growing market, but how do you do it? That’s the easy part, thanks to a new feature offered by the video-conferencing platform, Zoom, which most of us have become familiar with during lockdown. OnZoom makes it simple to run a paid virtual event for up to 1,000 attendees, whether it’s a single session or a larger series of events, and it also includes payment processing options including PayPal and major credit cards.

This opens up all kinds of possibilities for influencers:

  • A food-blogger could run a live cooking class.
  • A lifestyle influencer could organise an exclusive live Q&A session, maybe even in partnership with others to drive a larger audience.
  • A tech YouTubers could do a live unboxing of a much-anticipated new release,
  • A beauty or fashion influencer could offer virtual 1-1 styling sessions.

The possibilities are endless, it all depends on the topic you specialise in and the kind of audience you have, but you can get an idea of what people are already offering on Zoom’s event directory. You’ll need to experiment with different event formats and pricing levels to see what works for you and what your audience is comfortable paying, but there’s a lot of opportunity here.

The barriers to entry are relatively low too. You’ll need a paid Zoom subscription to use this feature – plans start at £119 a year, but if you can get just 25 people to attend an event for £5 each, you’re already ahead.

Other than that, you really only need a phone or laptop with a good camera and a solid internet connection, which most people already have. Of course, the more professional you make your events look the more success you’ll have, and that means good lighting, a professional quality mic, and a nice-looking space to present from.